Thai Therapeutic Massage
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Therapeutic massage services from Phothalai.

Therapeutic massage services from Phothalai.

Phothalai Wellness & Longevity is a premium spa in Ramintra that is available in massage therapy to relieve symptoms. For those who are looking for a massage program to relieve pain in various parts of the body in Ramintra. It can restore muscles and joints, make various body systems function normally, relieve stress, and help you sleep more deeply.

Besides physical relaxation, Phothalai Wellness & Longevity also have a wide variety of program which can meet every body need such as specific massage, office syndrome therapy massage, pregnant massage, deep muscle massage to firming massage and nourishing the skin that meet all customers need.

Thai Massage & Spa Treatment

The therapeutic massage treatment

Organic Ball Compression

Organic Ball Compression (Organic Ball Compression)

Organic Ball Compression is a massage to relieve symptoms and inflammation, reduce swelling by using the organic formula compress of Phothalai Wellness & Longevity, using natural ingredients. Both black sesame and rice berry rice. In addition, it also nourishes the skin to be smooth, soft and more moisture as well.

Head & Shoulder Massage

Head & Shoulder Massage (Head & Shoulder Massage)

Headaches, insomnia, affecting daily life try a massage therapy program called Head & Shoulder Massage from Phothalai Wellness & Longevity as a helper. This program is a massage to relax the muscles around the neck and shoulders including the head. It relieves pain, so the body will be more relaxed and sleep better.

Leg & Foot Massage

Leg & Foot Massage (Leg & Foot Massage)

Relax leg and calf muscles to the toe with Leg & Foot Massage from Phothalai Wellness & Longevity, a massage which covers all lower muscles. In addition to relieve fatigue and tight muscles, It also stimulates the function of various organ systems to work at their full potential.

Asian Blend Massage

Asian Blend Massage (Asian Blend Massage)

Exercise your joints and muscles efficiently with Asian Blend Massage, a special massage program from Phothalai Wellness & Longevity that combines oriental massage techniques with gentle bending and stretching postures, make the movement of different body parts normal and safe from injury.

Syndrome Therapy Massage

Syndrome Therapy Massage (Syndrome Therapy Massage)

Relieve the symptoms of office syndrome with the Phothalai Wellness & Longjevity Syndrome Therapy Massage, which focuses on relaxing the muscles, particularly those in the head, shoulders, and back, as well as relieving muscle tightness, fatigue, and pain in various body parts caused by sitting in the same position for an extended period of time.

Thai Holistic Massage

Thai Holistic Massage (Thai Holistic Massage)

Thai Holistic Massage, a massage therapy program in Ramintra by professional therapist. It is a Thai massage that focuses on reflexology massage to balance and restore various body parts. Do not be concerned about risk beacuse Phothalai Wellness & Longevity choose professional therapists to diagnose the symptoms and plan a systematic and safe treatment.

Body Firming Massage

Body Firming Massage (Body Firming Massage)

Remove orange peel skin from cellulite with a Body Firming Massage from Phothalai Wellness & Longevity. It is a special slimming massage technique combined with the scrub, using leading product brands from Germany. It stimulates the process of eliminating waste, reducing the cause of edema and the orange peel skin.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage (Pregnancy Massage)

Pregnancy Massage from Phothalai Wellness & Longevity can relieve pain and reduce stress for mothers who are 4-6 months pregnant, stimulates the blood circulation system, reduces edema, and helps mothers sleep more deeply.

Thai Massage & Spa Treatment

The highlight of Therapeutic massage

Relaxation of every body parts.

Therapeutic massage at Phothalai Wellness & Longevity is a premium spa program in Ramintra to relax all muscles from the head, neck, shoulders, back,legs, calves and toes. In addition, it can relieve tension for a better sleep, suitable for those who are looking for a massage therapy program in Ramintra.

Joints and muscles work better.

If you want massage therapy or massage therapy in the Ramintra area, Phothalai Wellness & Longevity is available by using massaging, stretching and gently bending techniques to enhance joints and muscles and to make the body move normally. In addition, it also balances, restores and stimulates the functions of various systems for efficient work.

There are many programs to choose depending on your requirements. 

The therapeutic massage program from Phothalai is not just limited to muscle relaxation or joint exercise, but also designed to suit various requirement such as the specific pain, the people who want to relieve their office syndrome, Specific programs for pregnant mothers, organic hot herbal ball massage, can keep the skin soft and moisturized.

Thai Massage & Spa Treatment

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Every day 11:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

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Thai Massage & Spa Treatment

Other Thai massage & spa treatments

Relaxing and oil massage
To relax body and mind or to reduce a stress with a Signature massage from Phothalai Wellness & Longevity that combines massage techniques with different essential oils.
Body spa treatment
Make the clear skin. Scrub old skin cells with body spa treatments from Phothalai Wellness & Longevity, combining leading brand products with firming massage techniques.
Facial spa treatment
Repair dull skin with the facial spa treatment from Phothalai Wellness & Longevity, combining reflexology techniques with quality products. Make your skin clear and wrinkle-free.