Golf Park Building
Conference & Party Room in Bangkok

Phothalai Golf Park Party, meeting, banquet and event venues in Bangkok

Party, meeting, banquet and event venues in Bangkok

Phothalai Golf Park, the highlight space for the meeting and party in Bangkok. There are more than nine rooms including small, medium, and large which is connected to the golf driving range area. The room is decorated by European-style architecture. It surrounded by natural scenery, waterfalls, and many types of tree, moreover, there are luxury facilities, too.

Phothalai Meeting & Event

Golf Park Building Room Type

Basilica or Glass House


Basilica or Glass House is the room with the most usable space in this zone. It can accommodate more than 1000 guests. Decorated in European style, luxury and classic with Corinthian stucco pillars, white marble floor, candle chandeliers in the center of the room, colorful mirrors for Christ’s history teller, a 100-inch TV screen and a large projector screen which is convenient to use.

Cortile meeting room


It is located near the Basilica, a medium-sized, octagonal glass room. The interior is decorated with white marble floors, crystal chandeliers in the center of the room, Louis cherry red curtains, which can open to allow natural light and enjoy natural scenery for relaxation. It can organize a variety of events, including a meeting , a small group seminar with 5 star staff service.

Taverna meeting room


The hexagonal white room is located opposite the basilica and the cortile. It is outstanding by its high dome roof, which is surrounded by waterfalls, a pool, and a European garden. Luxurious interior design with marble floors and modern carpets. It can accommodate about 70-100 guests, which can be organized as banquet and party rooms, available both indoor and outdoor with a spacious terrace. The atmosphere is nice and shady with the cool breeze from the waterfall stream.

Hole in one

Hole in one

It’s located on the first floor of the building, can accommodate about 80–200 guests. The space is divided into proportions for both lounge and the organizing part. it can be arranged as a meeting room, seminar room, or banquet room as required. There is complete equipment and necessities, including a leather sofa set, a complete set of tables and chairs, a TV around the room, and a large projector screen.

Chill Out small-to-medium multipurpose meeting room

Chill Out

The small-to-medium multipurpose meeting room can accommodate up to 200 guests. It is located on the second floor of the building. The room is a simple cream tone. The walkway paved with parquet alternating with marble. It’s the open space for a variety of functions, such as a meeting, seminar, or party room organization. There’s a high platform, a large projector screen, a bar counter and an ensuite bathroom, which is very comfortable.

Birdie & Courtyard meeting room

Birdie & Courtyard

Located on the first floor of Phothalai Golf Park with a medium to large size. The area is divided into 2 floors. The first floor is the main restaurant, and the second floor is a meetings or banquet room. It is industrial loft style decoration with modern architecture and structure high ceilings, light gray black and brown tones, stainless steel dining sets alternating with wooden furniture, serving a variety of international dishes and beverages. It has a shady natural atmosphere.

Round room medium to large meeting rooms

Round room

The medium to large meeting rooms on the second floor of the building, Near the Chill Out room, can accommodate up to 250 guests depending on the purpose of the event including a party room, banquet room, or press conference room. It’s outstanding with a white cream round room design. Express warmth, friendliness and relaxation, decorated with chandeliers and wheel spotlights to match the room shape for more, airy, open and spacious.

meeting room 301

Room 301

The Room 301 is located on the second floor. It is a small rectangular meeting room. Accommodates up to 70 guests, decorated in white tones elegant style, install side mirrors to receive natural light, sound system, overhead projector and fully facilities. It is suitable for organizing a meeting room or small group workshops.

meeting room 302

Room 302

A twin of Room 301, the overall appearance and functionality are the same with more compact size, accommodating 40 guests, ideal for hosting conference rooms, seminars, workshops or small group events. There are fully facilities and service from VIP staff, surrounded by green areas both a golf driving range and a European-style garden. Make it more relax.

Phothalai Meeting & Event

Meeting & Event Capacity

Room NameTheatreClassroomBanquetCocktail
Basilica 200230280800
Cortile 1006510080
Taverna 703050100
Hole in one 1008180200
Chill Out 1006380200
Birdie & Courtyard
Round room 190130140250
Room 301 70454050
Room 30240362730
Room NameTheatreClassroom
Basilica 200230
Cortile 10065
Taverna 7030
Hole in one 10081
Chill Out 10063
Birdie & Courtyard
Round room 1190130
Room 301 7045
Room 3024036
Room NameBanquetCocktail
Basilica 280800
Cortile 10080
Taverna 50100
Hole in one 80200
Chill Out 80200
Birdie & Courtyard
Round room 140250
Room 301 4050
Room 3022730

Phothalai Meeting & Event

The highlights of Phothalai Golf Park

large banquet venue, accommodates up to 1000 guests

The spacious Phothalai Golf Park has more than nine meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 1,000 guests with convenient parking including the Basilica Room, Cortile Room, Taverna Room, Hole in One Room, Chill Out Room, Birdie & Courtyard Room, Round Room, Room 301 and Room 302 to plan a variety of events, including parties and banquets. It meets all customer requirements.

European luxury decoration giving the atmosphere more natural

Phothalai Golf Park is decorated with European-style architecture. Combining the classics Corinthian stone pillars surrounded by trees ,colorful flowering shrubs, artificial grass gardens and a seven-layer waterfall form the center of the stream that flows into the pool. The atmosphere is shady and relaxing. Suitable for organized parties.

Completely luxury facilities

Phothalai Golf Park has a full range of luxury facilities for guests both the equipment and necessary things to host the party. The meeting room has luxury furnitures and design including the 5-star staff service.

Phothalai Meeting & Event

For more information

For more information, please call 02 508 5111 ext. 1211 or request a quotation via the website.

Phothalai Meeting & Event

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